Premier League preseason: What’s the carbon footprint?

With all preseason friendlies set to take place abroad next season, analysts have worked out the environmental impact

Israel launches first hydrogen fuel station

Transport is one of its most polluting sectors and has been circled as a priority for the country to lower its carbon footprint

Blue lights turned green with £77m

Emergency services will receive the funding from government to quash the sector’s carbon footprint

Men and women – who has the highest carbon footprint?

This is based on their consumption habits, a new report has found

‘Half the public now make low carbon choices’

Climate change is a key driver in these decisions, with 76% of Brits believing that human action plays a role in extreme weather

TotalEnergies pumps up its climate goals

The energy giant has pledged to slash two million tonnes of Scope 1 and 2 carbon dioxide emissions by 2025

Liverpool commits to Paris Agreement for live events

Licenses will only be provided for concerts that have agreed to cut emissions by at least 50%

‘Net zero needs each person’s carbon footprint to fall by 6%’

A new set of films has been released to help people understand how they can reduce their carbon emissions

India’s Tata targets greener steel in new partnership with SMS

SMS group will provide its expertise in supplying and commissioning steel plants with significantly lower CO2 emissions

Restaurants showing meals’ carbon footprint on menus

Mexican chain Wahaca has decided to not only display a meal’s calorific count but also its carbon footprint