‘New energy models can stop utilities going bust’

Only 22% of energy companies are looking at new energy business models but a new report suggests this could be critical to stop them being wiped out

‘Only half’ of manufacturers on course to reach Paris Agreement targets

Only 10% of organisations worldwide are employing what Capgemini calls a ‘holistic approach’ to sustainable manufacturing

RECCo announces Code Manager bid partners for delivery of consumer-focused approach to UK retail energy

Gemserv has been appointed to the role of REC Professional Services provider

Capgemini pledges to become carbon-neutral by 2030

In January, the firm achieved its science-based target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% per employee a decade ahead of schedule

We need to “embrace nuclear” to get to net zero

‘We need big infrastructure and easing of regulatory frameworks if we are to shift our energy to net zero’ says leading analyst

A rebounding economy must be a good thing… or is it?

A new report suggests growth could see the Paris Agreement targets slip out of reach

IT firm to cut emissions per employee by 20%

IT services and consultancy firm Capgemini has set a science-based target to slash its carbon emissions by 20% per employee by 2020. The firm, which claims to be the first business of its kind to take this step in the UK, also said it will reduce its emissions by 40% by 2030. Its goals have […]

Utilities sector still struggling with data

The utilities sector is still struggling with big data, a new report claims. According to the paper, ‘Big data blackout: Are utilities powering up their data analytics?’ only 20% of utilities analyse big data. However, 75% of respondents saw big data analytics as crucial to future success, the study by consulting firm Capgemini also found. […]

Renewables 'making gas plants unprofitable for utilities'

Renewable energy sources are making European gas power stations unprofitable for utilities, suggests new research by consultancy Capgemini. In some cases gas plant operators are effectively paying to stay on the grid, according to Colette Lewiner, Capgemini’s Energy and Utilities worldwide expert. That’s partly because renewables get priority over gas on putting power into the […]

Europe sees energy firms as “cash cows”

European governments view utilities as “cash cows” despite extra pressure on them because of the economic crisis, it was claimed yesterday. According to a report by consultants Capgemini, energy firms are feeling “pressure” from governments and regulators which has a knock-on effect on their earnings and stock performance. The consultancy warns extra government pressure could […]