‘Only half’ of manufacturers on course to reach Paris Agreement targets

Only 10% of organisations worldwide are employing what Capgemini calls a ‘holistic approach’ to sustainable manufacturing

Big Zero Report 2023

Only 51% of global manufacturing organisations have aligned themselves with the goals of the Paris Agreement, according to a new report.

The report from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that Germany (68%) and France (67%) are the countries with the most manufacturers on track to achieve these targets. However, only 10% of organisations worldwide have employed what it calls a ‘holistic approach’ to sustainable manufacturing.

The study also revealed that only 11% of sustainability initiatives are being scaled across organisations, with a heavy neglect for companies’ Scope 2 (indirect) and 3 (occur in the company’s value chain) emissions especially.

Although 20% of these businesses are aiming to achieve carbon-neutrality, the research highlights that the majority of their carbon footprints come from their indirect emissions.

The report did shed light on the positive strides some companies have taken, with 98% of those that implemented sustainability practices seeing a reduction in waste and 94% seeing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. However, it stresses the issue is the fact these companies are the minority.

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