Patrick Bamford looks to score for climate change on England debut

The Leeds United striker has revealed his goal celebration represents climate change in a bid to influence more people to take action

Racing cars powered by wine?

TotalEnergies will introduce 100% renewable fuel to the FIA WEC – set to cut the cars’ emissions by up to 65%

Nike football kits kick out carbon

The 2021/2022 shirts are made from 95% recycled water bottles, which Nike claims reduces their carbon emissions by up to 30%

Manchester United partners with Renewable Energy Group

The Premier League giant is looking to promote more sustainable action among its fanbase and the wider footballing community, while reducing its own emissions

Which Premier League team emits the most carbon?

A new report has collated the data of the distances travelled by last season’s teams and calculated the emissions this has produced in the past five years – who comes out on top?

Formula 1 Grand Prix broadcast certified carbon-neutral

F1 has also committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030

Which team produced the most carbon emissions at EURO 2020?

Teams competing had to travel much further than usual for this year’s tournament – how did that impact their carbon footprint?

Tour de France – sustainable cycling a chain reaction?

The Tour de France has implemented sustainable measures for this year’s competition and looks to influence more people to take up cycling

Italy v England – football and energy policy, who will come out on top?

England face Italy in their first final since 1966 – how do the countries compare off the pitch?

Bugatti joins forces with EV maker Rimac

The joint venture means Rimac’s headquarters will move to a €200m campus in 2023, where it will focus on developing new EV technologies for the automobile market