Bay View: Google opens all-electric, sustainable campus in Silicon Valley

The campus has been draped with a ‘first-of-its-kind’ dragonscale solar skin that consists of a total of 90,000 silver solar panels across all four buildings

Consumers the only ‘obstacle’ to smart homes

Consumers are the only “obstacle” to the success of so-called ‘smart’ meters and homes. That’s the view of Pilgrim Beart, founder of AlertMe which makes energy monitors for homeowners to check up on their energy use. The serial entrepreneur and ex-Silicon Valley programmer made the claim at the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s annual Clerk […]

Former White House energy supremo joins cleantech fund

President Obama’s former Under Secretary for Energy, Cathy Zoi, is to join the team of a new clean energy investment fund. Ms Zoi, who recently resigned from the US government where she was also Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, has been recruited by Silver Lake private equity firm for its Kraftwerk fund. […]