Grid will say bye to coal in 2024!

From 1st October 2024, the UK will no longer use coal to generate electricity

Global energy-related emissions on track for second-biggest annual increase in history

Driven by coal use for electricity generation, carbon dioxide emissions are projected to rise by 1.5 billion tonnes

Aker Carbon Capture and Siemens Energy team up for sustainable power generation

The collaboration will initially focus on the European market for new low carbon power generation, where a combination of new turbines and carbon capture and storage can provide sustainable solutions fit for the 21st century

EU approves RWE’s buyout of E.ON’s power generation assets

The acquisition is part of a complex asset swap deal between the two companies

Bas Lansdorp’s ‘crazy idea’ to produce solar panel parts on Mars

  The head of Mars One is aiming high with the hope of eventually producing parts of solar panels on the second smallest planet. Bas Lansdorp is the man behind the project that aims to establish a permanent habitable settlement on Mars, with the first mission set for 2032. He told ELN while the long […]

UK coal continues to drop off with 135-year low

Last month, coal power made its lowest contribution to the UK’s electricity grid in 135 years. That’s according to new data from Aurora Research, which suggests the carbon-intensive fuel contributed only 2% to the total energy mix during July. Meanwhile, gas-fired power made up 40% of Britain’s energy, with nuclear power accounting for 32% and […]

UK to see first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution

The UK is set to run a full day without coal since the start of the Industrial Revolution. According to National Grid, today is likely to be the first ever working day in Britain without coal. There have been periods with zero coal before but never for a full 24 hours. Yesterday, the UK went […]

Renewables could be cheapest way to meet African demand

Renewable energy could be a cost effective way to meet Africa’s soaring energy demands. That’s according to a new study from the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), which suggests African countries may have to triple their energy output by 2030 to keep the lights on. It says although hydropower […]

Big Six may change hedging strategies

Lower profits mean the Big Six are likely to change their long-term hedging strategies. According to data company ICIS, the decision could follow the announcement of recent results from some firms which showed reduced profits in power generation. That’s despite a sustained recovery in spark spreads in the last 12 months. Utilities couldn’t benefit from this because their […]

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