Industry reacts to appointment of new Energy Security Secretary

Claire Coutinho has been urged to take immediate action to restore the UK’s position as the top choice for global renewable energy investment

UK puts brakes on £120 hydrogen household levy

The hydrogen levy was intended to cover the costs of hydrogen production

New report slashes renewable infrastructure delivery time

Latest government review looks at accelerating deployment of electricity transmission infrastructure

UK hosts £100bn energy investment summit

Energy giants, including EDF, SSE, Shell and bp will join forces with the Energy Security Secretary in a Downing Street summit to discuss a £100 billion investment plan

Sizewell C gets £170m boost from government

The announcement follows the launch of the new body Great British Nuclear that will oversee the expansion of nuclear power in the UK

Underwater cable being laid
Construction commences on £2.4bn UK-German energy link

The project is predicted to be sufficient to power up to 1.5 million homes during its lifetime

Shapps and Kerry lead climate summit at Windsor Castle

A climate forum, hosted by the UK’s Energy Security Secretary and the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, will take place today in Windsor as part of President Biden’s visit to the UK

Energy Secretary slams “bonkers policy” of ruling out new oil and gas

Grant Shapps has criticised “bonkers policy” of rejecting new oil and gas licences, citing potential energy insecurity and higher carbon emissions

UK space-based solar energy takes off!

The government will invest £4.3 million in universities and tech firms to advance innovation in the emerging space-based solar power sector

King Charles opens clean aviation centre after receiving his crown

The centre will bring together some of the top aviation and energy experts in the world