‘UK needs £350bn of new investment to reach net zero targets’

A new report from LCP suggests a £350bn investment is needed over the next 30 years if the country is to achieve the aims set out in 2020’s energy white paper

TUC: Cuts to the Green Homes Grant would be a ‘wrecking ball’ for green jobs

The TUC claims cuts would make half of those employed by the scheme jobless

UK’s distillery industry lands £10m of new funding to drive decarbonisation

The new wave of funding is expected to help distilleries cut carbon dioxide emissions by nearly a million tonnes every year

Scotland offers £34m for energy intensive firms to reduce costs and emissions

Businesses can apply for grants of more than £125,000 to invest in energy efficiency schemes and low carbon technologies

Spending Review announces billions of pounds of new net zero funding

The budget includes £3 billion to help the UK reach net zero and £11.1 billion for research and development and innovation projects

More than £50 million available for flexibility in biggest-ever tender

The funding package is to cover more than 130 sites in the organisation’s largest-ever open tender

Innovate UK offers £7m to cement, glass, ceramics, paper, metals and chemical sectors

The new financing for these ‘foundation industries’ will be delivered alongside support from partner investors

Government invests £300m in aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage sectors

The Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge’s initial £50 million of funding is being granted to 14 manufacturing projects

Disused mine heating scheme among 17 projects granted up to £50k by government

Spread across the UK, located in places such as Glasgow, Belfast, Nottingham and Cornwall, the projects aim to spur technological advancement and help work towards a stronger, more sustainable UK economy

New initiative launched to drive down climate impacts of UK’s £3 trillion pension pot

A total of 21 organisations have already joined the Make My Money Matter initiative including Oxfam, WWF, Comic Relief, Triodos Bank, BNP Paribas, Ecotricity, and the Environment Agency Pension Fund, one of the UK’s largest local government pension schemes