Orange EV raises $35m to charge ahead with zero-emission trucks

The yard trucks are said to help prevent more than 1,700 tons of carbon emissions per truck over a 15-year lifespan

Australian start-up MGA Thermal granted $1.27m for innovative energy storage tech

It will build a pilot unit able to demonstrate the generation of steam from stored thermal energy

US supports methane emissions reductions from oil and gas with $32m funding

It will support research and development of new monitoring, measurement and mitigation technologies to help detect, quantify and reduce methane emissions

Australia’s Monash Uni granted $495k to explore energy storage market design

Researchers will conduct a study exploring the integration of storage in energy markets, with the aim of designing efficient incentives for energy storage investors and operators

Sustainable fishing gets £100m boost

This money will go towards research and innovation around making fishing less costly to the environment

Food and drinks company PepsiCo issues $1.25bn green bond

Funding will be directed towards regenerative agriculture, decarbonisation and climate resilience within its operations and value chain and virgin plastic waste reduction

Amazon offers $20,000 to small businesses for innovative sustainable products

The Products for Tomorrow programme will support companies with products that are innovative in design, materiality or chemistry, ‘making them highly effective and desirable’

Green aviation government-backed with £273m

Could solar-powered planes and NHS drones be the future?

EU awards hydrogen projects with €1.8bn

The funding has been given to companies including Shell, RWE and Air Liquide

Green start-ups to receive £1.2m backing

These 12 companies are building solutions to help the UK reach net zero by 2050