‘UK’s largest’ green hydrogen facility planned for Humber

Meld Energy intends to invest £180 million in a new facility at Saltend, Humber

UKPN adopts ‘clean air’ switchgear to reduce SF6 use

The electricity distributor has partnered with Siemens Energy to deploy a SF6-free switchgear technology, achieving a reduction in carbon emissions

Ofgem opens bidding for £7bn offshore wind connections

The energy regulator has launched bidding rounds for up to ten offshore wind assets under the Offshore Transmission Owner regime

IEA: Global solar PV and wind drive record increase

The global renewable power capacity is set to increase by one-third this year, fuelled by robust deployment of solar PV and wind power, according to the International Energy Agency

Investor rebellion looms as Shell faces backlash over net zero plans

Major pension funds reportedly express concerns over the energy giant’s alleged scaling back of net zero targets

Can floating offshore wind be the net zero key?

Find out in this week’s Net Hero Podcast

‘Wind and solar PV are the green dream team for the environment’

A switch to wind and solar PV can lead to a significant decrease in environmental impact compared to other forms of renewable energy, according to a recent report

UK looks to shock energy sector with major reform

The government considers rewarding green energy projects for “non-price factors” to drive investment and improve energy security

Wind and solar power surges to record 12% of global electricity

Global wind power blew away records last year, enough to power almost all of the UK, according to a report

WMO: ‘Understanding weather is critical to the energy transition’

It is calling for more investment in weather and climate services to streamline net zero targets