“Net zero is allowing us to say the status quo isn’t acceptable”

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to MP, Chris Skidmore, who recently published his book, Mission Zero

Renewables Auction Round 6 price increase sparks industry response

The government announced increased auction strike prices for offshore wind and renewable projects in Auction Round 6

EVs and hydrogen set to propel Europe’s power demand by 30% by 2035

The electric vehicle industry anticipates a rise in power consumption from 170TWh in 2030 to nearly 300TWh by 2035

“Even the best businesses can do more on energy efficiency”

We spoke to Centrica’s Head of Sales, John Hyde, who told us that businesses should embrace sustainability before they are forced into it by legislation

“We need to act to make sure we have a better future for ourselves and those around us”

We spoke to Justin Jacober, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions about enabling net zero 

We need to target support towards those who need it more, says industry expert

For our 100th Net Hero Podcast episode, we spoke to Energy UK’s Communications Director, Juliette Sanders who said engagement with the public is key to net zero

We need to ensure energy doesn’t fall off the political agenda, says expert

We spoke to several delegates at the Energy UK conference who told us that the industry is changing quickly

“Net zero is not an obligation to be managed but an opportunity to be seized”

Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero, Ed Miliband said that tackling climate change will improve cost of living crisis at Energy UK conference

“We are seeing less of an uptake of green energy from businesses”

We Spoke to Oliver Kruc, Sales Channel Manager at British Gas Business about the cost of the pandemic on net zero

“We need to bring consumers with us on the net zero journey”

Claire Coutinho said that we need to be pragmatic in our approach to the energy transition in her speech at the Energy UK conference