US offers $250m for energy efficiency upgrades in homes and businesses

States can apply to establish loan funds to invest in energy audits and energy saving upgrades and retrofits of residential and commercial buildings

US manufacturers and water utilities save $10.6bn in energy costs

They partnered with the Department of Energy to increase energy and water efficiency

US launches new Energy Earthshot to slash geothermal power costs

The Department of Energy aims to reduce its cost by 90% to $45 per megawatt hour by 2035

US seeks applicants for nuclear and hydrogen production

The selected applicants could design and develop the heat extraction infrastructure needed for a nuclear and hydrogen industrial energy park

US invests $70m to improve supercomputer for better climate prediction

The model is constantly being improved to provide the best simulation and prediction possible to scientists, with the data helping boost their understanding of climate change

Maine and Rhode Island join New York-led hydrogen hub coalition

The coalition of six states and more than 60 clean hydrogen partners are laying the groundwork for a proposal for the US Department of Energy funding opportunity expected later this year

Toyota builds 1MW hydrogen system for US Department of Energy

The $6.5m project is being funded by the DOE and could be operational within three years

US launches $675m programme to expand critical materials supply chains

Critical materials are required for manufacturing many clean energy technologies, including batteries, EVs, wind turbines and solar panels

US supports methane emissions reductions from oil and gas with $32m funding

It will support research and development of new monitoring, measurement and mitigation technologies to help detect, quantify and reduce methane emissions

US invests $165m to expand geothermal energy deployment

A consortium of experts will develop a roadmap for addressing technology and knowledge gaps in geothermal energy, based on best practices used within the oil and gas sector