Google searches powered by UK wind

Google has signed a 12-year power purchase agreement with ENGIE

COP27 reaches a deal on climate compensation

Analysts say the biggest economies must commit to larger CO2 reductions as the UN Secretary-General calls for a “giant leap on climate ambition”

UK sets out carbon capture plan

The government has published the UK’s first official CCUS framework that is expected to provide technical information to three major projects

Drop coal or forget the 1.5°C target, says IEA

The global demand for coal has been at record highs for the last ten years, new report has warned

UK off track to meet 2030 climate targets, government data shows

The UK is projected to emit almost double the volume of emissions as it should do under its 2030s goals

UK regulator bans HSBC ads over ‘misleading’ green claims

The ASA has said two posters seen on bus stops about the bank’s green finance and tree planting programme are misleading

Hydropower can be an energy gamechanger!

Pascal Radue, CEO of Hydro Solutions for GE Renewable Energy spoke to FNZ about the role of hydropower in tackling the current energy crisis

UK professors say hemp can make Scotland’s agricultural sector carbon-neutral

Boosting hemp production in Scotland could bring “huge” environmental benefits to the agricultural sector, according to a new report

The Carbon Column – More sustainable ‘Porn Stars’

In this article I share a story from Revolution Bars and how they reduced carbon of one of their best sellers

Net zero could be delayed by decades, says IEA

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol has said net zero could be severely delayed without international collaboration