Net Hero Podcast – can an alien help save energy?

The founder of the HUGO energy app explains why it’s been so successful in shifting people’s behaviour, so they become more energy conscious

Guest Blog: Ben Dhesi – for once, power to the tenants!

Landlords and tenants are never the easiest of bedfellows. Rent isn’t the only grievance which crops up time and again – who could forget energy bills? Take the case of a tenant I recently worked for, who wanted me to review their energy supply costs which they received via their landlord. They were in the […]

Guest Blog: Ben Dhesi – Energy buying? It’s like the Grand Prix

The engines are revved, flags waved – and they’re off! But any sports fan will know that when it comes to the F1 Grand Prix, it’s not all about the driver. Even if you’re Sebastian Vettel, you won’t win the race unless your car and the team around you are fit for purpose. The same […]

Guest Blog: Ben Dhesi – Are bad brokers breaking the law?

Ignorance is bliss – but when it comes to energy and brokers, ignorance is very expensive. I’m seeing energy brokers really manipulating energy costs, especially when it comes to government charges in your energy bill. Do you check if they’re included when you get a quote for your firm’s energy? Some suppliers don’t include RO […]