Chancellor pleads with public to change behaviour on energy consumption

Government help with rising energy bills will stop in 2024, Jeremy Hunt has said

Big Zero Report 2023

The public must change their behaviour on energy consumption, the Chancellor has said.

Speaking to the Commons Treasury Committee, Jeremy Hunt said: “We are gonna need everyone to help us crack this problem if we are not gonna have a huge additional burden on taxpayers, which ultimately will lead to high taxes; what we are saying is that we will always be there to help poorer households.

“The way we do it will change, and that’s why we talk about the social tariff or social discount. But for most people, we need you to play your part in reducing our energy dependency on what Putin chooses to do in Ukraine, and that’s we have got this national ambition to reduce energy consumption by 15%.”

The Chancellor explained that is a couple of per cent higher than the EU, but “other countries are doing the same kind of thing”.

Jeremy Hunt added: “If people did the 15%, they could save £500 in the amount they pay (for energy bills) in the following years. So, we are trying to help people to help themselves. We are giving them cushion this year and next, but we need people to change their behaviour in the long run.”

Mr Hunt also repeated that the government support for high household energy bills will end in 2024.

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