Monday 31 October 2022

Anglian Water heads towards net zero with 63% capital carbon reduction

Anglian Water heads towards net zero with 63% capital carbon reduction

Anglian Water has achieved more than 63% carbon capital reduction and is on track to achieve net zero operational carbon emissions by 2030.

Capital carbon refers to the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the creation, refurbishment and end of life treatment of assets such as buildings and infrastructure.

It differs from operational carbon which covers emissions associated with the operation and maintenance of assets during delivery of their function and services.

The water company uses Appian's Low-Code Platform which helps manage and monitor thousands of capital-intensive projects and enables Anglian Water to reduce its environmental impact and achieve its net zero goal.

It provides real-time and relevant data insights on projects, from the installation and maintenance of smart meters to pipelines and pumping stations.

Appian is also helping Anglian Water reach its 2030 net zero carbon goal by empowering employees to make informed decisions based on real-time insights to create a more sustainable business.

Anglian Water supplies drinking water to 4.3 million customers across the East of England and collects and treats used water from more than six million people. Anglian operates within the largest geographical region of England and Wales.

Richard Buckingham, Climate Change and Carbon Manager at Anglian Water said: “We and the other English water companies have committed to being net zero carbon for operational emissions by 2030.

“We also have another target of reducing capital carbon by 65% by 2025 from our 2010 baseline, then to 70% by 2030.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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