Monday 22 August 2022

New partnership formed for smart EV charging in Australia

New partnership formed for smart EV charging in Australia

A new partnership has been announced between energy software platform Kaluza and energy company AGL Energy for smart electric vehicle (EV) charging in Australia.

The two companies intend to bring innovative e-mobility propositions to allow AGL customers to charge their EVs at optimal times.

Under the partnership, AGL will trial offering Kaluza-powered products to its customers who own EVs, with the latter company optimising the charging of vehicles at times when energy is cheaper and renewable energy is more readily available.

This is expected to help customers save money on their monthly energy bills and more easily manage their vehicle's charging through a personalised digital experience.

AGL customers participating in the trial will be rewarded up to AUD$20 (£11.7) per month for allowing Kaluza to manage their vehicle's charging.

In the future, the next generation of vehicles are expected to enable energy to flow bi-directionally, allowing vehicles to export energy back into people's homes and the grid and doubling the amount of flexibility to manage a resilient and low carbon energy system.

Jo Egan, AGL Chief Customer Officer, said: “EVs have a critical role to play in Australia’s decarbonisation journey and AGL is here to support EV customers with innovative solutions to charging their car. We are proud to be working with Kaluza to help EV customers participating in the trial to save money while they charge, while ensuring their car is ready when they need it.

“Our goal at AGL is to make it simple for customers to choose – whether it be EVs, solar, batteries, energy-efficient products, e-mobility products, or energy management – by using data-driven, personalised recommendations to unlock the true value of these investments.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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