Rishi and Liz ‘failing on net zero promises’

That’s despite net zero being a top-five issue for Tory voters, a report suggests

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Both Tory leadership runners Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are failing to demonstrate the policies necessary to achieve net zero.

That’s according to thinktank Onward, which stresses that although both candidates claim to be committed to reaching net zero by 2050, both are supportive of fracking, fossil fuel production and cutting solar and wind.

Although commitments have been made from Sunak to support insulation of British homes to reduce heat loss if he becomes leader, a detailed plan is lacking, the report alleges.

Alex Luke, author of the report, remarked: “I’m glad to see both candidates committed to the net zero target but we need to hear more from both on how exactly they will do that.”

The report urges the leaders to consider halving stamp duty to encourage more people to install heat pumps in their new homes, up the use of electric vehicles with employment-based incentives and improve local cycling routes.

Onward has stated that net zero still remains a top-five priority for voters – but is being disregarded as a key issue by the new party frontrunners.

A government spokesperson responded saying that the UK is “leading the world on climate change.”

The statement continued: “We have committed over £6.6 billion to decarbonise homes and buildings, which includes our £450 million boiler upgrade scheme to increase the uptake of heat pumps.

“Further, we have invested £2.5 billion to accelerate the rollout of zero-emission vehicles and charging infrastructure across the country.”