New partnership to advance low cost carbon capture technologies

Technical and commercial opportunities are being evaluated for the deployment of carbon capture technologies for energy and heavy industry applications

Big Zero Report 2023

McDermott International and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have teamed up to accelerate low cost carbon capture solutions.

They are evaluating technical and commercial opportunities for the deployment of CSIRO’s carbon capture technologies for energy and heavy industry applications.

CSIRO’s technology innovation includes its recent carbon capture technology for direct air capture and post-combustion processes being developed in collaboration with Santos, Australia’s largest domestic gas supplier.

McDermott’s experience comes with more than 200 successful carbon capture and carbon separation projects, applying technologies with low carbon delivery potential and global deployment.

Samik Mukherjee, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at McDermott said: “Carbon capture is fundamental to achieving a net zero future while maintaining affordable, accessible energy and decarbonising resources.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with CSIRO to advance scalable, flexible carbon capture solutions for industrial and energy applications.”

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