Volkswagen looks to double Chinese EV sales in 2022

Last year the company suffered a 14% drop in overall car sales in the Asian country

Big Zero Report 2023

Volkswagen has revealed its aim of doubling electric vehicle (EV) sales in China this year, following missed targets in 2021.

It sold around 70,000 of its ID electric range in China last year, with the aim reportedly being to sell between 80,000 to 100,000.

Although it has placed heavy emphasis on expanding its sales in the Asian superpower, progress could be hampered by semiconductor or chip shortages in production.

The car maker’s China Chief Stephan Wollenstein highlighted this during a Beijing briefing, stating the goal for 2022 is “not currently secured by the semiconductor supplies that we currently see”, however he did caveat this by saying he was “positive that we will see a doubling of actual sales.”

He revealed that overall, the Volkswagen Group sold 3.3 million cars in China last year, with was an overall 14% decrease – but it will look to increase this number by 500,000 in 2022.

China is currently leading the market in purchases of EVs and hybrid cars, with many large manufacturers such as Volkswagen not wanting to fall behind to domestic brands.

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