Thursday 13 January 2022

Pokeworks and OmniFoods team up for plant-based option

Pokeworks and OmniFoods team up for plant-based option

Fast casual poke brand Pokeworks has announced it is piloting a new plant-based offering across seven locations in the US this month.

The food company, known for the pork and hand-cut vegetables in its popular bowls and poke burritos, has partnered with OmniFoods, makers of OmniPork – its 100% plant-based protein pork, for the project.

The partnership comes in time to support 'Veganuary', an annual challenge in January that aims to promote and educate consumers on leading a plant-based lifestyle.

Pokeworks is offering an alternative to its traditional Garlic Spam Musubi, using OmniFoods' plant-based “meat”, which is friendlier to the environment when compared with pork, reducing carbon emissions and using less water than traditional pork production.

Steve Heeley, CEO of Pokeworks said: “This partnership with OmniFoods is very exciting as we continue to find more plant-based alternatives that can be added to our customers' favourite bowls at Pokeworks.

“With sustainability as one of our core values, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to meet consumer demand that are both good for the planet and provide healthy options for mindful consumers. We look forward to working with OmniFoods to help showcase their premium, preferred alternative to our traditional Garlic Spam Musubi.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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