Peugeot turns to TikTok to dispel EV myths

The car maker looks to quash fears such as range-anxiety with the new campaign

Big Zero Report 2023

Peugeot has turned to the highly popular social media platform TikTok to dispel myths surround electric vehicles (EVs).

To battle the common opinion of EVs having a poor range, it has produced videos with a range of ‘TikTokkers’ driving some of its EVs on long journeys to demonstrate how far electric cars can take you.

The car manufacturer claims to have become the first to use TikTok for a campaign to tackle EV fears and misconceptions – viewing the platform as a ‘virtual showroom’ for the automotive industry and a chance to teach.

Steven Wass, Marketing Director at Peugeot, said: “As our EV offerings grow, it’s important we support our customers, or potential customers, in understanding this new technology and dispelling the myths surrounding it.

“With the conversations already happening on TikTok around EVs and sustainability, it was a great platform to use to launch this campaign and allowed the creators to bring their content to life in an engaging and innovative way.”

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