North Norfolk District Council pledges to achieve net zero by 2030

This follows its recent virtual event held to educate locals on what they can do to lower their carbon footprint

Net Hero Podcast

North Norfolk District Council has committed to becoming net zero in its operations by 2030.

It has split its net zero journey into three phases – the first being decarbonising its own operations and estates, the second being wider decarbonisation throughout the district and the third being encouraging other organisations and businesses to cut down their carbon footprint.

It revealed its carbon footprint across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions during 2018/2019 was more than 6,600 tonnes – and will use this baseline as a way to set specific carbon emission targets during the next nine years.

To promote sustainability and a greener future, the council held an online virtual event called ‘Greenbuild’, which had more than 600 households tuned in – learning how they can make a difference.

Councillor Nigel Lloyd commented: “Greenbuild was a truly brilliant event that allowed us to shine a light on a range of climate change and environmental issues, where we asked big questions like ‘what does the future hold for North Norfolk? to smaller, yet pertinent discussions such as ‘what can I do to reduce my own impact on the environment?’

“The events were thought provoking and helped us collectively to understand what a brighter, greener more sustainable North Norfolk might look like.”