IEA pledges to reach net zero by 2024

The Agency is looking to reduce its operational emissions to as close to zero as possible and will purchase carbon credits for the footprint that remains

Big Zero Report 2023

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has committed to achieving net zero by 2024.

It has revealed a new plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by its operations to as close to zero as possible.

This includes the footprint of its offices, staff commutes, procurement of goods, waste generation, water use and emissions produced from air conditioning and other areas.

The IEA plans to reduce travel by incorporating more video-conferencing, buy renewable energy and offset any remaining emissions it may have by 2024 through the purchase of carbon credits.

Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director, said: “The IEA is committed to helping all countries achieve their energy and climate goals, with our roadmap to net zero by 2050 providing a narrow but achievable pathway to this critical goal.

“As I have pointed out repeatedly, it’s not enough to simply talk about net zero – you have to act. That’s what we’re doing by putting in place practical measures that follow the recommendations of our roadmap.

“We are determined for the IEA to reach net zero by November 2024 – the 50th anniversary of the founding of our Agency.”

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