Net Hero Podcast – Elephants like Dumbo! Is climate changing our animals?

In episode 2 a fascinating conversation about how climate change is making animal appendages larger! Could everyday animals soon look very different?

Big Zero Report 2023

Thanks for downloading our new series, episode 1 has proved a big hit and this week I have a treat for you.

A fascinating conversation with Professor Matthew Symonds from Deakin University in Melbourne, an evolutionary ecologist. He and his team have been looking at mammals and birds, to see if they can already observe changes to morphology, as they adapt to climate change.

In essence as the world warms up, mammals in particular need to cool, so they start to make their ‘appendages’ larger and longer; ears, tails, legs, feet and with birds, beaks. The scientists have found evidence this is already happening, so could we finally get to see a real life dumbo?

Listen in and if you want to find out more about Professor Symonds work click here.

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