Yorkshire Water trials smart tech to speed up sewer work

The water company has adopted new technology that allows engineers and technicians to help and advise their colleagues remotely

Net Hero Podcast

Yorkshire Water is trialling a smart inspection tool to make sewer repairs faster and more efficient.

It is using a cloud-based platform called WinCan Web that allows technicians to share video, images and information with colleagues elsewhere, which allows input from more people and means an issue is more likely to be solved quickly.

Nathan Clayton, Technical Specialist at Yorkshire Water, said: “Customers contacting us about sewer blockages want their problem fixed quickly and rely on us to get to the root of the problem.

“This technology allows our teams to share images and information with in-house specialists to use their expertise to identify the problem and find a solution, whether that be a blockage, a collapsed sewer or an issue in a difficult to access section of our network.

“By sharing information quickly across our specialist teams were able to work together to get the best result for our customers first time around, improving efficiency and reducing the impact on customers.”

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