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Collaboration is key to achieving net zero. And we’re proud to share the advice, products and services we’ve developed as we progress on our own journey.

At SSE Energy Solutions we’re uniquely positioned to provide green solutions as part of the SSE Group – with the largest renewable energy capacity across the UK and Ireland. We leverage these assets to ensure our customers can benefit from a range of renewable energy options, including 100% renewable electricity straight from our UK wind farms.

And we’re helping the UK accelerate to net zero with Whole System Thinking. That means creating a more resilient and sustainable energy system by investing in, building and connecting localised flexible infrastructure to drive the long-term performance of your energy assets.

“As an energy company SSE has a critical role in providing profitable solutions to the challenge of climate change. We’ve seen the rapid decarbonisation of electricity in recent years and it will play a key role in enabling the transition to a net zero economy. SSE Energy Solutions’ role as a founding partner of future Net Zero demonstrates its commitment to collaborating with industry and supporting customers to decarbonise through its green offerings.”

Nikki Flanders
Managing Director, Energy Customer Solutions



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As an SSE Energy Solutions customer you can also benefit from our new generation smart meters, a free energy data visualisation tool to help you understand and reduce your energy usage, plus our Virtual Power Plant to manage how you consume and generate energy. 

Integrating technology and the latest thinking seamlessly into your operation, we can help you grow a sustainable business on a sustainable planet.

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