Tuesday 16 January 2024

Octopus dives into data heat

Octopus dives into data heat

Octopus Energy, through its investment arm, the Octopus Energy Transition Fund (OETF), has acquired a £200 million stake in Deep Green, a UK firm specialising in utilising excess heat from data centres to warm swimming pools.

The investment, resulting in an undisclosed equity share, is set to propel Deep Green's innovative solution beyond its current deployment in an Exmouth leisure centre.

Deep Green currently operates a compact mobile data centre, roughly the size of a fridge, which efficiently heats a swimming pool by harnessing excess heat generated during data processing.

With the new investment injection, the company aims to expand its technology to multiple sites across the UK.

According to company estimates, if just 1% of the UK's data centre processing demand were tapped into by Deep Green, the potential exists to continuously heat every pool in the country.

This initiative aligns with efforts to address the substantial energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions associated with data centres, where up to 40% of electricity usage is allocated to cooling servers.

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Sumit Bose

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