Wednesday 8 November 2023

Net Hero Podcast – Is net zero a global or local ambition?

Net Hero Podcast – Is net zero a global or local ambition?

This week's podcast is about the global view of net zero, through the prism of a tech company working with graphene.

Now we've covered graphene many times on the podcast, it's a form of carbon that many have backed to be the conduit for the net zero transition; it conducts a current, it's super strong, it can be moulded into objects and clothing and it's incredibly light.

But this week I discuss the wider uses of it in technology and the broader, more difficult topic of net zero territoriality. Graphene can transform battery use but it's greatest deposits are in China, which already has a stranglehold on microchips, PV and much more.

In the US tech companies have been boosted by President Biden's policies to go big on net zero investment, yet is that really about their own energy security, rather than net zero? And is there a bigger issue, that net zero can only be championed in the richer nations, whilst the developing world is just trying to provide their people the basics.

Join me as I explore all these themes with John DeMaio CEO of the Graphex Group, it was a challenging and insightful discussion, please listen or watch and remember to subscribe!



Written by

Sumit Bose

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