Future-proof your EV fleet with an energy expert

With the 2035 deadline on the manufacture and sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, EVs are going to dominate our roads

Big Zero Report 2023

You’ll need to transition your business fleets to EVs and, most likely, you’ll need to invest in some form of charging facility.

A recent poll showed that the most common reasons for holding off electrifying now include cost, the current economic climate and business focus on other priorities.

However, the mention of one key factor in electrification continues to be conspicuous by its absence: energy.

Why energy’s the key

The energy crisis has brought to the surface how the cost of power can make or break a business. The volatility of the market has seen prices skyrocket and organisations struggle to cope.

Read more from Naomi Nye, Head of Sales, Drax Electric Vehicles.

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