Wednesday 18 October 2023

National Gas boss slams push for all-electric UK

National Gas boss slams push for all-electric UK

Jon Butterworth, Chief Executive Officer at National Gas, has expressed his support for the National Infrastructure Commission's recommendation to introduce hydrogen as part of the strategy to decarbonise industry and ensure energy security.

However, Mr Butterworth criticised the notion of relying solely on electricity to meet the UK's energy needs.

Mr Butterwoth said: "We welcome the commission’s recommendation to bring hydrogen into the system to decarbonise industry, keep the lights on, and protect us in our hour of need. But it’s making a grave error by assuming this country can run on electricity alone.

"Having worked in both the gas and electricity sectors I know there’s a place for both – but heat pumps do not work for all homes, nor does electricity work for all industries. By refusing to accept that we need choices for UK families and businesses, we are ignoring the reality of the UK’s energy needs.

"The idea that we would decommission existing infrastructure to then pay to replace it is completely illogical. We need to end this obsession with a one size fits all solution to net zero and work together on a plan that is affordable, and realistic for everyone in the UK."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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