Watch Webinar: Navigating Europe’s Evolving Renewables Policy Landscape

With major events like the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine reshaping global energy markets, policymakers continue to introduce new and updated legislation as a way to diversify supply and manage volatility

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Navigating these changes is critical as companies aim to meet bold sustainability targets and future-proof their businesses.

On October 4, 2023, Alfa Energy and sister company Altenex Energy (both DBA as Edison Energy in North America), held a compelling conversation presented by their Clean Energy Advisory and Policy teams, who explored the evolving EU regulatory and policy landscape and its impact on corporate energy procurement.

Topics included:

➡ EU renewable energy policies
➡ Recent renewable and PPA metrics
➡ Impacts of national policy on renewable energy procurement

➡ France’s solar car parks requirements
➡ The German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)

Speakers included:

Jonathan Bell, Director, Clean Energy Advisory, Altenex Energy

Karin Corbani, Manager, Regulatory Intelligence, Alfa Energy

Annie Scanlan, Policy & Impact Director, RE-Source

The webinar is now available – click here to watch

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