Amazon rolls out e-cargo bikes in Glasgow

The retail giant is bringing electric cargo bikes to Glasgow for greener deliveries, following their success in London and Manchester last year

Big Zero Report 2023

Amazon is expanding its sustainable delivery efforts by introducing electric cargo bikes for deliveries in Glasgow.

This new fleet is expected to significantly reduce traditional van usage, alleviate traffic congestion, and contribute to improved air quality within Glasgow.

The new Glasgow delivery hub, located in Baillieston, represents part of Amazon’s £300 million investment in electrifying and decarbonising its UK transportation network.

The move, which follows the successful launch of similar fleets in London and Manchester last year, aims to enhance the sustainability of deliveries in Scotland‘s largest city.

The company plans to conduct approximately 2.5 million sustainable deliveries annually in the UK, utilising methods such as electric cargo bikes and on-foot deliveries.

Scottish Minister for Transport Fiona Hyslop said: “I welcome moves by major businesses to develop micromobility delivery hubs. It’s great news for our cities – for example by choosing e-cargo bikes over vans, businesses can not only reduce carbon emissions but also help remove congestion and improve air quality.”

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