Monday 21 August 2023

Changing ways with business water use at sites will deliver big benefits – and save energy too… Here’s how:

Changing ways with business water use at sites will deliver big benefits – and save energy too… Here’s how:

Changing approaches to business water, at sites, whether you’re in sectors including industrial, manufacturing, service sector, or other, doesn’t need to be complicated, or costly.

When it comes to water management, there is a range of technology and water efficiency kit that can help with this, though engaging employees will really help drive additional benefits too.

Scott MacIndeor, Head of Advanced Services at Water Plus, the UK’s largest water retailer, said: “On a day-to-day level, innovation with water can be as easy as a small change at a site, including raising awareness amongst staff and visitors, to be wiser with water use, reduce use where possible and highlight areas where improvements can be made or where any tap or pipe issues can be raised. People power has definitely delivered big results at sites where there is more engagement with water.

Changing approach can lead to big water savings and reduce energy use and carbon emissions too, all helping towards sustainability targets and goals and helping reduce impacts on the environment. It’s because there are carbon emissions linked to all water that’s used at a site, so the wider benefits from making what’s used go further can be tracked through a number of ways. Where less hot water is used, or less water moved across sites, there is an energy saving too.”

Solutions for the future can be explored now with water use

Many organisations will already have looked into tap efficiency, flow rate controls and processes involving water - and these are all important – though looking a little further ahead will help future budget planning and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Scott MacIndeor, who leads the Advanced Services team at Water Plus, said: “Quick to install water-saving measures will deliver immediate savings, including an average water-saving of 34% at more than 40 sites in 2023 – though there are longer term projects also underway, that will see significant results.

“As not every business is the same on their water needs, even in the same sectors, longer-term solutions are also worth looking into. Options to recycle water have become even easier to install at sites and we have a team working on future projects as organisations are seeing that preparing ahead, makes clear business sense.”

Technical water efficiency experts at Water Plus have helped organisations of different sizes, across sectors, manage their water more easily, efficiently and effectively, saving energy where less water needs to be moved, or used.

Work with organisations around their water use has seen Water Plus win a Global Gold in Water Management in the Green World Awards 2023 and win a UK Customer Satisfaction Award in 2023. It follows two National Sustainability Awards, in October 2022, including Carbon Reduction - and five Green Apple Environment Awards, including Gold for Water Management in November 2022.

Find out more about efficiency approaches with business water – and how Water Plus water experts are helping organisations across England and Scotland - on the Water Plus website at: . The web page also includes further details on the Measure, Save, Protect, Connect and other business water retail services.

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