You can’t go Net Zero without looking at your water use – and our experts can help get you there!

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Our technical water experts have helped organisations of different sizes find the opportunities to cut water waste, running costs and risks to operations.

Installing data loggers since 2017 – extra water tracking and our experts are helping organisations monitor water consumption closer, to see where and when water is used. They’re helping identify areas to reduce waste and create savings, which can also reduce energy use and costs.

From helping a university see £50,000 savings – to knocking 10% or more off current water use, water is a whizz at helping you reach – and beat – carbon targets. Our partnerships, amongst other results, have also seen a rugby club cut its water use by 36% at peak times, by boosting efficiency and other sites seeing a 34.6% average water-saving in 2023, which is helping lower energy use and carbon emissions.

We’re Water Plus – a multi-award winner and the largest water retailer in the UK – and we’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment – along with helping our customers to do this too.

Even small steps make a big difference, when it comes to water.

We’ve helped hundreds of sites, at organisations large and small, manage their water more easily, efficiently and effectively, saving on energy where less water needs to be moved or used – and where less hot water’s been used too.

Along with continuing to explore and trial innovative approaches to limit impacts organisations have on natural resources, we share advice on managing water across our channels – and we’re part of a big a tree-planting partnership in the UK to help manage surface water, which can cause more flooding, amongst the other benefits trees bring.

We’ve also been recognised with a Global Gold Award for Water Management in the Green World Awards 2023 – and 9 international Green Apple Environment Awards, including Water Efficiency and Carbon Reduction in 2023 and Gold for Water Management in 2022, following our first Green Apple Environment Award in 2021, for our work helping organisations, raising awareness across sectors – and reducing water waste and running costs. We have a Silver EcoVadis rating – and we’ve won two National Sustainability Awards in 2022, along with two British Chambers of Commerce Business Awards, in the West Midlands Region, including Green Business of the Year in the Planet Saver category.

More recently, we’ve won a UK Customer Satisfaction Award, in March 2023 – and received an Innovation Award in the Forum Awards 2023, recognising best practice in customer operations.

In 2023 we are Finalists for three Water Industry Awards including Water Retailer of the Year, Customer Initiative of the Year and Water Efficiency Project of the Year, after being Finalists in three categories in 2022, plus, we were Finalists for seven Better Society Awards in 2023, including the Environment Award and the Carbon Reduction Award – after being shortlisted for five of these in 2022.

Partner with us to deliver your environmental and Net Zero ambitions: email us here to get in touch and please include: “Help us reach Net Zero” in the subject heading.

You can read more about how we’re reducing the impact we have – and how we help others to do that too – here.

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