Net Hero Podcast – Water water everywhere lots to grow!

I hear how clever use of sea water could bring agriculture to desert lands

Big Zero Report 2023

This week’s podcast is one of the ones I love. An entrepreneur with a vision to do something radical, to help the planet and us.

Charlie Paton and his colleagues have been working for two decades on creating agricultural solutions for arid lands using seawater! Their seawater greenhouses, which can be made of canvas not just glass, use desalinated sea water to bring barren deserts into life.

The water condenses and using the desert winds evaporated over special panels, allow plants to grow using transpiration and humidity, instead of vast amounts of direct soil watering. It’s brilliant stuff and deserves success.

Check the video below to see this in action and listen in to the podcast, as we discuss how water stress is the next big frontier in the net zero struggle.

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