New technology commissioned for ocean research

Fisheries and marine institute will use remotely operated vehicle for ocean research operations

Big Zero Report 2023

The Memorial University of Newfoundland in America will use Forum Energy Technologies’ (FET) Sub-Atlantic Mohican remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for its ocean research.

The ROV is designed for fast moving and unpredictable waters up to depths of 2,000 metres.

It is equipped for several tasks including inspecting and surveying, non-destructive testing, assisting divers, ensuring port security, conducting scientific data collection and assisting with renewable energy projects.

It will also be used for pilot technician training.

Joe Singleton, Head for the School of Ocean Technology said: “The acquisition of the FET Mohican ROV system vastly increases our capability to complete scientific observation and sampling research work up to depths of 2,000 metres.

“The ability to add additional sensors, cameras, and equipment to the payload makes it versatile for all anticipated expeditions. For our students completing the ROV Technician program, this comprehensive system provides a great experiential learning platform for maintenance, repair, integration, and operations.”

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