Thursday 20 July 2023

Hydrogen vehicles take off in Japan

Hydrogen vehicles take off in Japan

Japanese gas company, Tokyo Gas, has partnered with energy technology company, Enapter, to produce hydrogen on-site for refuelling fuel cell vehicles.

Tokyo Gas’ Senju station is the first commercial hydrogen refuelling station in Asia.

Enapter's technology will ensure that the purity of hydrogen required for fuel cells is maintained.

The project is in line with Japan’s goal of installing 1,000 hydrogen fuelling stations for fuel cell vehicles throughout the country by 2035.

From 2035, Japan will not register any more pure combustion engine vehicles and all new car sales will be converted to electric vehicles.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Enapter: "Japan is planning enormous investments in the expansion of renewable energies and is taking on a pioneering role internationally.

“Hydrogen has a key role to play in achieving the environmental goals. Our cooperation with Tokyo Gas opens up a wide range of opportunities for the use of hydrogen.

The companies say they will continue working together on more hydrogen projects.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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