Green hydrogen becomes ‘greener’ with new collaboration

Hydrogen company will use desalinated seawater to produce green hydrogen

Big Zero Report 2023

A new partnership between green hydrogen company, Ohmium International and distillation company, Aquastill, will enable Ohmium to use desalinated seawater as an input in green hydrogen production, making the process more efficient.

The collaboration aims to create new decarbonisation opportunities for businesses operating in coastal areas by providing a more efficient, sustainable and affordable way of producing clean energy.

The desalination technology uses waste heat and has minimal energy requirements.

This will help in further decarbonising the process.

Moreover, the desalination modules are compact and easy to transport.

Arne Ballantine, Chief Executive Officer of Ohmium International said: “This strategic collaboration is a great example of how the innovative integration of Ohmium and Aquastill’s technologies can enable the expansion of green hydrogen production to new sectors and geographies.”

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