Friday 14 July 2023

Waste management company turns waste to watts

Waste management company turns waste to watts

Norwich based waste management and skip hire company, PSH Environmental Ltd, has found a new way to convert waste into alternative fuels using only the solar energy generated on site.

The plant uses a special shredder supplied by manufacturer UNTHA UK. It is capable of processing 80,000 tonnes per annum, including difficult-to-process and economically inefficient waste materials.

PSH Environmental is also involved in other sustainability projects including their ‘Clean up to Green up’ campaign.

This sees £1 from every skip hire donated to help restore a square metre of arable farmland into ancient woodland.

PSH Environmental’s director Daniel Parker said: “There will always be waste and it’s up to us to process it in the most efficient and sustainable way - that is what we are aiming to achieve here at PSH Environmental.

"Running a 38-tonne shredder entirely off solar power may seem farfetched but we’ve proven it’s possible.”

He added: “We are PSH Environmental and we take our name seriously — we can’t simply talk about caring for the environment, we have to make sure we do. The waste industry is constantly evolving and you cannot stand still. Hopefully, this project shows just how progressive waste processing can be.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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