New group sprouts for investments in nature restoration

New nature group in UK will support the delivery of investments into nature recovery

Big Zero Report 2023

Sustainability finance group Green Finance Institute’s Nature Programme (GFI Hive) has launched the UK Financial Institutions for Nature Group (G-FIN) to support the delivery of investments for nature recovery.

GFI Hive believes that the next few years are crucial to achieving the UK Government’s broader vision to support an economic transition to one that values and invests in nature.

The aim of G-FIN is to mobilise private sector investment into nature restoration and nature-based solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation.

The group comprises several companies from the financial sector, including Aviva, Barclays and Lloyd’s Banking Group.

Dr Rhian-Mari Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of GFI Hive, said: “Private sector investment is urgently needed if we hope to reach the UK’s nature goals this decade.

“The market infrastructure is being put in place to enable the flow of private sector capital into nature recovery and nature-based solutions, but there is still much to be done.”

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