Net zero is a ‘PR exercise,’ says Qatar Airways boss

He believes a 2050 target is not possible and the industry is being unrealistic with its aims

Big Zero Report 2023

Net zero by 2050 is a “PR exercise.”

That’s what Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker had to say at a recent meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), stating his belief that aviation achieving the green target in less than 30 years is not likely.

This comes as IATA released its latest net zero roadmap, outlining how the aviation industry can achieve net zero by 2050.

Speaking with CNN, the boss said: “We will not even reach the targets we have for 2030, I assure you. Because there is not enough raw material to get the volumes of sustainable aviation fuel.”

He continued: “[Net zero] won’t be able to be achieved. And the governments will use this to line their pockets by putting levies.”

These comments are nothing new, with Al Baker making the same statements two weeks ago at the Qatar Economic Forum.

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