‘Net zero grocery tax will worsen cost of living’

Shopping costs would rise by £4bn a year, or £140 per household, a study claims

Big Zero Report 2023

The ‘net zero grocery tax’ will make everyone’s food more expensive.

That’s what the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has said in its latest report, asking the government to rethink the scheme that would see manufacturers and supermarkets bear the cost of disposing packaging waste.

Shopping costs would rise by £4 billion a year, or £140 per household, the study alleges.

Currently, collecting and disposing of packaging waste is dealt with by local authorities and covered in council tax.

BRC Chief Executive Helen Dickinson said: “Just as inflation looks to be turning a corner, these new policies put this at peril.”

“If this is our approach to net zero, our voters will punish us harshly,” Former Business Secretary and Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg commented.

The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero has been approached for comment.

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