Wales aiming for 100% renewable electricity by 2035

It’s also hoping to have 1.5GW of locally owned renewable capacity by the same date

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Wales has set a target to meet all of its electricity needs through renewable sources by 2035.

Announced by Climate Minister Julie James, the aim comes after the country is already generating 55% of its electricity from green means.

In addition to the electricity target, Wales is also hoping to have 1.5GW renewable capacity to be locally owned by the same date.

Depending on the level of support received by the government, Wales will also look to produce 5.5GW of renewable energy capacity using heat pumps.

Ms James said: “The climate crisis shows that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Providing new targets compels us to stride towards net zero as quickly as we realistically can. The renewable energy target proposals that we are consulting on today are ambitious but credible.

“I am very pleased that they propose a pathway for us to meet the equivalent of 100% of our annual electricity consumption from renewable electricity by 2035 – and to continue to keep pace with consumption thereafter.”

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