Contact lens maker has 20/20 vision when it comes to plastic

The company has almost halved its use of plastic

Big Zero Report 2023

Contact lens manufacturer Daysoft has cut the amount of plastic it uses by 45%, equating to an 82-tonne reduction per annum.

The company claims it uses more than 50% less packaging than some of its competitors; after pushing the change through onto its 10 production lines.

In addition to slashing its use of plastic, Daysoft has stated that all plastic biproducts produced during its manufacturing are reused and turned into new products.

The firm has more than one million customers and hopes that its impact can become a standard the rest of the industry can follow.

Founder Ron Hamilton said: “The cost of purchasing sustainable products can sometimes put customers off, particularly during a cost-of-living crisis, because of the premium they may have to pay.

“The investments that we have made over the past couple of years has meant that the cost has not been passed onto [our] contact lens wearers who continue to enjoy the world’s most affordable contact lenses. Long may this continue.”

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