Greece runs entirely on renewables for first time

Renewable energy sources represented 46% of the country’s power mix in the first eight months of the year, new report suggests

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Greece has hit its greenest energy milestone for the first time in its history.

That’s according to the independent, non-profit environmental think tank The Green Tank, which suggests renewables covered 100% of the Greek electricity demand for at least five hours last Friday.

The latest data from independent power transmission operator ADMIE shows that cumulatively for the first eight months of this year, renewables surpassed any other energy source with 13,238GWh.

This translates to nearly 46% of Greece’s power mix, up from 42% in the same period last year.

Fossil gas came in second place with 13,150GWh, decreasing its role in the country’s energy mix for the first time since 2018.

However, the report suggests cumulative lignite production from January to August 2022 exceeded by 141GWh.