Friday 14 October 2022

Get informed to get prepared for this winter

Get informed to get prepared for this winter

Get some advice!

That's how you can navigate your way through this tricky winter, says Anton Roberts, Director of Commercial and Transformation from TotalEnergies.

We spoke on a podcast where we discussed the Energy Bill Relief Scheme and how it will work for the non-domestic market, as well as how to shield your business or public sector organisation from the worst of the volatility.

Anton said: "We are genuinely living through unpredecented times. The volatility levels of wholesale markets in the past pales into insignificance compared to anything we've seen today.

"For us the challenge is how we navigate the markets ourselves and what products to sell and how we help to navigate for our customers."

The best tool he says is information.

"Talk to your supplier and make sure you have got all the info that's out there to make the best decision you can. Stay close to energy purchasing, stay close to the Energy Bill Relief Scheme costs. And make decisions that hopefully manage your costs and mitigate your risk over the winter, while keeping one eye on the future, on how we can save energy longer term and reduce our consumption."

Listen in for the full discussion.


Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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