Carbon-neutral laptops in ‘mint’ condition

Royal Mint has signed a deal to purchase remanufactured laptops for its operations

Big Zero Report 2023

UK coin producer Royal Mint has signed a deal with Circular Computing to use remanufactured ‘carbon-neutral’ laptops for its IT estate.

The move will see a large drop in its Scope 3 emissions, with more than 70 laptops already delivered to the company.

Circular Computing work to prolong the lifecycle of hardware and prevent e-waste from piling up in quick spells.

Since the product is entirely circular it can be categorised as carbon-neutral, cancelling out the carbon footprint of purchasing new equipment.

Head of IT Operations at Royal Mint, Simon Edwards, said: “We teamed up with Circular Computing and ran a trial of their sustainable laptops to see if they would be a fit for our needs.”

“Not only do the remanufactured laptops meet our demanding specifications, they also have premium appeal – from the packaging they arrive in to the quality of the devices themselves.”

Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability at Circular Computing, added: “With a need for durable, reliable IT equipment alongside meeting the organisations sustainability goals, remanufactured laptops are the ideal solution for the Royal Mint.

“As we work to tackle the e-waste crisis, we’re excited to be partnering with a leader in the sustainable precious metals industry who share many of the same values and beliefs.”

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