‘Greener homes can lead to £1,800 energy bill savings’

They can also add £10k to the value of a property, a new report claims

Big Zero Report 2023

Installing low carbon technologies into homes and improving insulation can save homeowners money and save the planet.

That’s according to research by ScottishPower and WWF, revealing that these measures can increase the market value of a home by £10,000 and save consumers up to £1,878 on their energy bills.

The insulation of homes has been a hot topic this week, with the British heatwave seeing many homes reach extremely high temperatures.

Making these houses more efficient can not only make them more climate-resilient but also produce carbon emissions savings of up to 96.8%, the research claims.

The report states that 85% of UK dwellings are connected to the gas grid using a boiler, which given skyrocketing gas prices is having a detrimental impact financially on many residents.

On top of the opportunity for savings, a supposed 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions derive from homes – and the partners are calling for changes to make British homes greener.

The study considers the possibility of an energy saving stamp duty; to incentivise landlords and buyers to make environmental decisions around their homes.

It also calls for “better support and policy change from all UK governments to help reduce the up-front and running costs of these low carbon technologies, including funding for homeowners and tax incentives for private landlords to install them, as well as strengthening consumer protection and advice.”

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