Wednesday 8 June 2022

New building energy efficiency tracker launched

New building energy efficiency tracker launched

Insurance company Zurich UK has launched a new device to monitor the carbon output and energy efficiency of buildings.

The self-installed technology gives users a real-time understanding of the ‘energy health’ of buildings, with reports available on the most energy-intensive parts of the property and tips on how to reduce this.

Building temperature, air quality, occupancy levels and lighting are taken into account to give users the full picture.

Zurich claims that the device helps to detect energy efficiency issues in buildings before they would normally be found.

The company has installed the technology in its own buildings, stating it has saved £7,500 per property on efficiency changes so far.

Head of Innovation, Mark Budd, said: “Unlocking the power of data is the key to achieving safer, smarter and more sustainable buildings.

“By providing more effective controls over energy usage, this technology can help businesses to enhance their efficiency, reduce utility costs and promote a greener workplace. This is even more critical as firms adapt to changing occupancy levels brought on by agile working.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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