Mayors urge government for net zero backing

They are calling this government’s ‘golden opportunity’ for a greener future

Big Zero Report 2023

UK mayors have come together, imploring the government to support net zero desires.

Nine mayors met during a conference in Manchester, including Andy Burnham, Steve Rotherham and Sadiq Khan, calling for more investment in green measures – labelling net zero as the government’s ‘golden opportunity’ to cut carbon.

In a joint statement, the mayors said: “We know that we can play a crucial role in getting the whole of the UK to net zero carbon, creating a ripple across the country.

“By freeing the city regions up, we will be able to establish the skill base, new technologies and experience to lay the path for the rest of UK to succeed.

“This is much more than getting to net zero carbon, however. What we’re setting out to achieve is a greener future – but also a fairer one.”

The mayors stress that in order for them to help lead their cities, the country must be fully committed to the same cause – with unanimity on net zero being where investment and energy should be focussed.

“This is a golden opportunity for the government to work with us to decarbonise the country and level it up at the same time”, the statement concluded.

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